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Anonymous said: *hugs you against me* Good. G'night, yeobo. ~Kris

Goodnight, mon cher. 

Anonymous said: Your moans and that arch was asking for something. *crawls next to you and kisses your neck* I love you, you know. I always want to do my best to make you happy. ~Kris

Yeah, to loosen up stiff muscles *runs my fingers through your hair* I love you too, and as long as you’re happy, I am. Just like that.

Anonymous said: I'm just tired, angel. I'm not sure I could last for what your sexy body is asking of me. ~Kris

*chuckles and turns to m side* I wasn’t wasn’t asking for anything silly, maybe for you to hold e as you get some well needed rest..and maybe a kiss, if that’s not pushing it

Anonymous said: Oh. *walks you back to the bed* ~Kris

*lays down and stretches, arching my back a little* Are you okay, babe?

Anonymous said: *is taken a back* What? Is something wrong? ~Kris

*stops kissing, my lips still close to yours* Nothing at all, you’re just so …wow

straight problems #33


when you’re so straight you can’t even bend over because that is gay

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Anonymous said: I don;t care if they do. I just want to be alone with you. ~Kris

Me too *walks us quickly back to the room, and kisses you deeply wen we have the doors closed* My god…